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10 Best Things to Do in Salina Kansas

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10 Best Things to Do in Salina Kansas November 24, 2022

10 Best Things to Do in Salina Kansas

November, 24, 2022

A trading center near the intersection of I-70 and I-135 located in Central Kansas, the city of Salina is situated in central Kansas, one of the most significant growth areas of wheat in the world.

Downtown Salina is a thriving example of a city of size, featuring a world-class historical museum and a local performing venue, and award-winning community art organizations. The streetscape has just been updated, making it an ideal place for pedestrians, enhanced by ongoing art exhibits for the public.

There are always plenty of activities to enjoy in Salina, which includes a Zoo that is one of the most popular water parks that are public across the country with endless activities during the summer, and more than 30 public parks, including Indian Rock Park, which has waterfalls.


Stiefel Theatre for the Performing Arts:

A stunning Art Deco landmark downtown, the Stiefel Theatre was opened in 1931 under The Fox Watson Theatre and was eventually shut in the late 90s. A non-profit organization raised nearly $3 million to renovate the structure and transform the building into a local high-tech venue for performing arts which opened in 2003.

The building is an absolute masterpiece from the outside, thanks to its intricate terracotta design. In addition, the grand auditorium, with a capacity of 1,265, is outfitted with the most modern sound and lighting technology. The past performers include Al Green, B. B. King, Peter Frampton, Emmylou Harris, Chris Cornell, and Kris Kristofferson.

Smoky Hill Museum

Saline County Historical Society Saline County Historical Society was founded in 1879 by the town’s founders and amassed an impressive collection of more than 30,000 artifacts about the Smoky Hills region. It is the foundation for the fantastic Smoky Hill Museum that moved into the building that was the former Post Office building downtown in 1986.

The attraction is well-known by visitors for its interactive, custom-designed special exhibits. They are biannual and are dedicated to a particular area of local history along with the permanent galleries, which are continually updated so that you’ll always have something fresh to see. The museum is well-known in community life, hosting the popular First Thursday lecture series and participating in activities such as The Street Fair on the fourth Saturday in September, featuring performances by musicians and historical demonstrations.

Downtown Salina

Salina’s historic district for commerce has undergone a series of privately and publicly paid renovations. The transformation of the streets along Santa Fe Avenue has been astonishing, with wider walkways, massive gateways, new lighting, and gardens with flower beds and native grasses.

The projects have been in conjunction with many construction projects, resulting in the furnishing of Salina with the Hilton hotel, a family entertainment center (more to come), and The Salina Fieldhouse, a state-of-the-art sports facility. In all the development, however, this city’s historical center, renowned for its terracotta-colored facades, has remained true to its unique style. It is possible to pick up an informational brochure for a self-guided tour at Salina Downtown Inc. HQ and the Chamber of Commerce, both downtown.

Salina Community Theatre

Salina is a nationally acclaimed, award-winning community theater company formed in 1960. The Salina Theatre Community had begun to raise money within a decade for its purpose-built building and began to open its doors in 1973.

It’s a non-profit entity putting on broad, professional-quality productions that enrich the experience of those living in Salina and the surrounding area. The past few seasons have seen shows such as Sunday in the Park with George, Music Man, Beauty and the Beast, Annie, Brighton Beach Memoirs, and Mamma Mia.

SculptureTour Salina

Salina offers a new method of encouraging visitors to explore the downtown area’s historic part. For over a decade, it has hosted an annual show with up to 25 pieces of contemporary sculpture available to view through a self-guided walk. Each piece is carefully selected and placed, along with the possibility that you can choose your top. 

The city of Salina will buy the sculpture that receives the highest votes, and the rest of the exhibits included in the exhibition will be available for sale. So far, more than 40 sculptures have been sold. The season starts by hosting the UnWrap Party in May, where the work is unveiled with live entertainment and live music.

Indian Rock Park

It is arguably the most beautiful area In Salina. Indian Rock is located on cliffs along the Smoky Hill River. The river here flows between bluffs that rise to 30 feet. It is possible to climb up to some stunning views through the trails.

Two waterfalls flow along the river with relatively low drops. However, the lower falls feature an impressive horseshoe design. Indian Rock Park is also rich in history, as it was the location for The Battle of Indian Rock (1857), which was the most significant conflict between the Kansa, Delaware, and Potawatomi Indian nations.

Oakdale Park

Entrance is through a sacred door along Oakdale Dr, and this park has a long history that dates into the 1880s. It’s a beautiful area for a stroll or picnic, with paths close to formal gardens dotted with flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, and plenty of shade provided by old, tall, hard-wood trees.

Oakdale Park is the refined backdrop for the Smoky Hill Festival that takes place in the early part of June. Plenty is happening during the Fourth of July. There’s a stage to perform at the events, and other facilities include a pond for fishing, an ADA playground, tennis courts, five rental shelters, and five first-come-first-served shelters.

Kenwood Cove Aquatic Park

Following a $15 million investment to upgrade the 52-year-old swimming pool in the city, Salina currently has one of the most significant and impressive public water parks in the nation. The facility is designed to cater to divers of all levels and ages. The attractions include water slides, a wave pool, lazy rivers, and a lap pool. In addition, the leisure pool has a zero-depth entry and vast kiddie pools.

There are spray and play fountains, interactive water play features, water obstacles, and water basketball. All are supported by plenty of shade as well as rental cabanas.

Rolling Hills Zoo

This well-known attraction is situated from the I-70, just a few minutes west of Salina. It combines the traditional zoo and an animal museum. The 100+ species that live at Rolling Hills Zoo are big cats such as Amur the tiger, African lions, and snow leopards. There are also rhinoceroses, kangaroos, lemurs, ostriches, tamarins, chimpanzees, and an array of reptiles, ranging from the python to quince monitors.

The museum is home to one of the largest collections of full-mount animals, featuring more than 500 mounts made from 200 diverse species from six continents. They are presented in highly elaborate exhibits, with animated human-like robots adding information.

Salina Art Center

Another significant element of Salina’s cultural scene is the multidisciplinary art center in downtown Salina. The excellent, community-focused program includes exhibits of national and regional artists, independent film screenings, and a wide variety of educational offerings, including private classes and open studios.

Among the recurring exhibits in the list of regular exhibitions are the Sunflower Biennial (springtime in odd years) and Salina Biennial (springtime in even years). The center has three sites: Galleries (242 South Santa Fe), Cinema (150 South Santa Fe), and The Warehouse (149 South 4th). 

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